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* WTYFC football team practice schedules are scheduled centrally by WTYFC for each team.  Cheer teams set their own practice schedules and should add them to the TEAM SCHEDULE!  All FCFL Tackle games are posted onto schedules directly by FCFL.  A Cheer team will have to add those Games and/or any competitions to their schedule. 

Hey Cheer!  The website Administrator can upload a season's practice schedules with a file import (excel).   .

  1. "Sign in" upper right hand corner with email address and personal password.
  2. Go to your team's home Team page (using the "Team" tabs)รข€‹
  3. From your home page, click on “Schedule” (left menu).  Default view is a "list."  You can view as a monthly calendar (click "Calendar" on upper left)
  4. From the “Options” button (top right above schedule list), select “Add Event”
  5. Click on "Game/Practice"
  6. Fill out the information (Date, Time, Location)  The "category" is "Practice".  Under "Team," select your team.  Under "Opponent," leave it blank.  Hit Submit.
  7. Review your schedule for accuracy on the team schedule.