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Weston Gridiron (a 501(c)(3) organization

The Weston Gridiron Club is committed to the philosophy of "Education Through Athletics."  We believe athletics serve as an extension of the overall educational mission.  Organized athletics help to foster an enthusiastic sense of shared allegiance among all parts of our school system and community.  We believe WHS Football provides an opportunity for students both to understand the rewards that come from dedication to a larger purpose and to develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills.  We support our WHS football student-athletes in their desire for excellence, respect of peers, fair play, teamwork, leadership, perseverance, and integrity.

To provide each football student-athlete the opportunity to pursue personal excellence, we support the objective of maintaining WHS Football as a "non pay-to-play" program.  As such, The Weston Gridiron Club, through the tireless, voluntary efforts of football families, players and coaches, work to bridge the funding gap between the financial demands of WHS athletic programs and the many pressures on the school budget.  Foirming a strong partnership with families and surrounding communities and businesses, 100% of the proceeds raised through charitable programs sponsored and operated by the Weston Gridiron Club go to the football program.  By its efforts, The WEston GRidiron Club raises approximately "two-thirds" of the the annual operating budget for the WHS Football program; funding such needs as:

  • Enhancement of football field; stadium and facilities
  • Capital equipment needs
  • Coaches and player clinics / skill camps
  • Scholar-Athlete awards and year-end recognition events.

The Weston Gridiron Club works to make a difference in our student-athletes' endeavors and to make sure that the game goes on.