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We hope that all of you can be there to watch the Combine and then join the Trojans, Coaches, and Managers in the WHS Cafeteria for Awards and Team & Family Dinner.  We currently estimate 100 people (max) for the Team Dinner at the Trojan Combine on May 15th.  

ACTION REQUIRED:  Reply to Kay ( ) and confirm that you are good for your assignment below.  Everyone is asked to pitch in. 


11:30am  DRINKS dropped off at WHS Cafeteria to be put on ice.

  • Water, 1 case of 24 each:  Rubin, Strouch, Stuebe
  • Sports Drink (24 Med/Large): McGlone, Milne, Minkowitz, Randazzo, 

               COOKIES (48)/BROWNIES (48) can be dropped off anytime before 1pm

  • Bunkoci, Cumming, Fruhbeis, Hirtenstein

12:45pm  SALADS, BREAD, PASTA dropped off at WHS Cafeteria.

  • Salads: 12x19 full pan.  Will be dressed & tossed immediately before serving so don't pre-mix.  Suggest Caesar (popular)
    • Foertsch, Orr, Peyton, Santamaria
  • Pasta (2- 12x19 trays each) will be opened as needed so that any leftover can be taken home.
    • Achar, Aguas, Fruhbeis, Goetz, Lawrence, Lummis  (Spencer bringing chicken strips)
  • ​Bread/Rolls (for 25) Warm garlic bread in foil is always a hit.  Your choice.
    • Oakes, O'Donnell/Rolph, Otworth, Richling, Steinberg

1:00pm Awards & Recognition followed immediately afterwards by Team & Family Dinner   


ASSIST:  Senior Class Reps Kit Woolverton-Aguas and Fred Lawrence will be directing set-up of the Cafeteria.  Please email Kit at   if you can help.  Looking for 2-3 folks to put drinks on ice, mix salads at last minute, change-out pasta trays etc.  The players will be assisting in clean-up, but all members of the Trojan Family should pitch in at the end.

ASSIGNMENTS:  Check out this link for more details on Food Instructions for Team Dinners.  NUT FREE for EVERYTHING!

Gr First Last NAME BRING Status 5/6 4pm
11 Peter Achar Pasta (2- 12X19 trays) Y
11 Jackson Aguas Pasta (2- 12X19 trays) Y
11 Alex Fruhbeis Pasta (2- 12X19 trays) y
11 George Goetz Pasta (2- 12X19 trays) Y
11 Jason Lawrence Pasta (2- 12X19 trays) Y
11 Bobby Lummis Pasta (2- 12X19 trays) Y
11 Matthew Oakes Bread/Rolls (for 25) Y
11 Colin O'Donnell Bread/Rolls (for 25) Y
11 Michael Otworth Bread/Rolls (for 25) Y
11 Ian Richling Bread/Rolls (for 25)  
11 Zac Spencer Chicken Strips (2 trays, 160 pc) Y
11 Alec Steinberg Bread/Rolls (for 25) Y
10 Daren Foertsch Caesar (12x19 tray) Y
10 Grayson Orr Caesar (12x19 tray) Y
10 Scott Peyton Caesar (12x19 tray) Y
10 Daniel SantaMaria Caesar (12x19 tray) Y
9 William Bunkoci Cookies/Brownies (48) Y
9 Ryan Cumming Cookies/Brownies (48) KLS note
9 Chris Fruhbeis Cookies/Brownies (48) y
9 Jesse Hirtenstein Cookies/Brownies (48) Y
9 Alec McGlone Sports Drink (24 M/L) Y
9 Alex Milne Sports Drink (24 M/L) Y
9 Jack Minkowitz Sports Drink (24 M/L) Y
9 Cosmo Randazzo Sports Drink (24 M/L) Y
9 Lev Rubin Water (1 case 24) Y
9 Zachary Strouch Water (1 case 24) Y
9 Finn Stuebe Water (1 case 24) Y


In case you were wondering:  The 2016 Team Dinners (10) will be similarly assigned so that each family can expect to bring an item to probably 2 or 3 team dinners.  Headcount for those will be half of the Combine headcount and the roster will be larger with the addition of the new freshmen.   The 2016 Team Dinner schedule will be finalized and published in August. 

Any questions--

THANK YOU!    Looking forward to this great event.  

Kay (& Kit!)