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The FCFL offers grade-based football teams for grades 4-8, focused on teaching safe techniques and football game strategies. WTYFC believes that while our Flag program is appropriate for the younger ages, that as the athletes increase in size, speed, athletic ability, and their experience with the game, that they are safest wearing pads and helmets playing football.
Registration takes place in the Spring.  This is critical for setting up teams and training coaches. Football equipment is fitted and distributed in June, in advance of the Rising Trojans clinics/camps held at the end of the year by the HS Football Coach. It is most important that teams be formed in the spring in order to set up and train coaching staffs.   Fall registrants are placed onto teams if there is room, but a spot is not guaranteed.  (Registration and participation at the June camps is independent of WTYFC registration.  It is open to anyone interested in football.  You do not have to be a registered WTYFC players to participate.)
The tackle football program fee for the 2018 season is $475.00.
Team rosters will ideally be between 17 and 25 players per team.  Regardless of team size, each player is guaranteed a minimum number of plays (currently set at 12 by the 3Q).
Pre-season begins generally the 3rd week in August on a date set by FCFL for all league teams. Pre-season practices are run Monday thru Friday evening, for two hours.  Thereafter, practices drop to three times a week with one game on the weekends.  The 3rd practice of the week is generally walk-throughs and mild.  Team practice schedules are consistent throughout the season, however there may times when a modification is required due to holidays or high school football games on the Stadium Field.   Generally, grades 5 and 6 will practice on the same schedule, and grades 7 and 8 will be on the same schedule.
The season starts with the mandatory FCFL Jamboree where all of the teams play in 20 minute controlled and officiated scrimmages with the other teams.  Thereafter, team rosters are usually set and FCFL sets the league schedule for the rest of the year.  Teams generally play 8 games in the regular season under rules specific to each grade level.  These rules are on the FCFL.  Click here for the FCBL Tackle Rules by Grade.  Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays according to a schedule set by FCFL based on home field availabilities.  Please note:  football is played in the rain; players should dress appropriately.   Games will be called in the event of downpours, lightning and unsafe playing conditions. 
  • August 13: Pre-season practices for tackle team (grades 4 thru 8).  Teams will practice Monday thru Friday evenings for two weeks. 
  • August 24: Spirit Night/Pep Rally - All athletes & families!
  • August 25 and 27: FCFL Jamboree (team date/schedule to be determined)
  • August 28: Regular season practice schedule begins for Tackle (grades 5 thru 8) 
  • September 1 and 2: Regular season tackle games begin.  
  • Please note, Labor Day is Monday, September 3: attendance at game on either 9/1 or 9/2 is critical so we have enough players to play! 
  • October 27and 28: FCBL Tackle Playoff Games begin (single elimination, winner advances each week)
  • November 17 and 18: FCBL Tackle Tournament Championship Game Weekend
  • All tackle players will receive a helmet w/chin strap, shoulder pads and a practice jersey.  This equipment must be returned at the end of the season.
  • Equipment fliting will take place on June 3, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM in the in the Weston High School cafeteria.
  • When you pick up your equipment, you will be required to leave a $150 security deposit (check payable to WTYFC). 
  • At the end of the season, when all WTYFC equipment has been returned undamaged, we will return your check.
Prior to the start of the season, you will need to order a personalized jersey and practice/game pants. 
  • The cost of the personalized jersey is $65.
  • The cost of the practice/game pants is $25/new or $10 used.  We get a special discount on Riddell pants, they are a great price.  They have pads sewn into the pant (tailbone, hip flexor, thigh, and knee pads).  We recommend buying two pair since they are worn for both practice and games. 
The following equipment must be purchased and brought to the first practice.  In addition to safety we want to look like a TEAM!
  • Mouthguard: must be colored (not clear) and must tether to the helmet.  Purchase at least 2 (two) and keep a spare in their equipment bag
  • Football cleats: preferably black
  • Game socks: white knee high (no ankle or calf length)
  • Athletic cup with strap or compression shorts: to be worn at all times during practices and games, including pre-season practices
  • Water jug: preferably holds at least 64 oz. of water, for use during practices and games
  • Equipment bag:  keep your gear organized!
The following items are optional, not required; it’s more about position or personal preference.  Remember, more gear is not necessarily "better".
  • Gloves 
  • Elbow pads
  • Rib pads
  • Helmet visor
  • Forearm pads